Moving Services

Assemble & Disassemble

This is a complimentary service we provide ALL our customers regardless of what kind of moving service we are providing. This would include local labor-only, long-distance & full-service, as well as any other service call we are performing for our customer that day. From reconnecting your washer/dryer to reassembling a bedroom suit we will take care of anything and everything!

Long-Distance Moving

Our specialty. When it comes to your long-distance move we literally don’t want you to lift a finger. From the moment the estimate is provided, we are at your full command for the entire moving experience. We offer veterans free moving supplies, first responder discounts, and of course impeccable customer service. We provide moves to Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and other major Texas cities weekly. We will find the most cost-effective logistical solution for your given move and execute it efficiently and effectively. Also, we provide flat-rate maximum estimates and do not require up front deposits or fees. Rest assured… you will not pay for our services until your 100% satisfied.

Packing Services

When it comes to packing we know “Burritos”. Now, if you don’t know what burritos are they are a packers best friend. We simply take wrapping paper bunch it up and then roll it up like burritos to form padding for the different layers in your boxes. Its cost-effective and has a proven track record of damage free moves! So thats our basis to how we start the packing process and it goes up from there. Wether you need items boxed, wrapped, packed, crated, or palletized we have the experience necessary to preform any packing service required. Furthermore, we have over a decade of experience in packing fine china, antiques, and all forms of specialty packing items.

Specialty Items

We provide moving services for your specialty items as well! From hot tubs to pianos we got the muscle and the brains to handle any situation you throw at us! We also move a lot of veterans…and they like their ammo. So rest assured… we can move any safe regardless of size. Just put one of our teams to the test!

Insurance and Valuation Coverage

At Soldier Strong Moving, LLC we offer $20,000 in cargo insurance & $300,000 in general liability insurance on every move we preform services on. However, we have had a few customers in the past express concern on not being insured up to the amount comfortable in their minds for the given items we are moving and relocating. If thats the case, we have two companies we work with that can extend additional valuation coverage. Simply let us know and we will work out anything related to those concerns prior to beginning the moving process!

Local Labor Only

If you just need us to provide a truck & crew for a local move we got your back! Refer to our local labor-only pricing within our pricing section and you’ll find all the flat-rate local prices! Also, we can even send just a crew out with moving equipment to simply load or unload your rental truck!